Blueprint Controllers CO2 Generator LP, CGLP-10


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Product Description

For accelerated plant growth in spaces large and small, the Blueprint Controllers® CO2 Generator LP turns liquid propane into supplemental carbon dioxide with 10 preinstalled burners for a maximum output of 26.5 cubic feet per hour of CO2 and 22,630 BTU. Selector switches operate two, six or all 10 burners at a time for enhanced three-in-one functionality not found on smaller units. The included brass burner plugs can further modify CO2 output to meet the needs of virtually any growing area. Multiple integrated safety features include electronic ignition and dual solenoid valves to eliminate an open pilot flame and restrict gas flow if the burners do not ignite. A tip-over switch also shuts off the gas supply if the unit is not upright. This unit includes a gas regulator, 12-foot hose, hanging hardware and three-year warranty. It measures 15 inches by 9.8 inches by 18 inches.

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