Frequently Asked Questions

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Fresh green and red salad vegetable is growing in greenhouse


What's the best way for me to get started if I've never used Hydroponics?

We recommend starting out with some of our basic reading material, such as Hydroponics Basics or Hydroponics for Everybody. This will teach you the tips you need to get started on the right track.

What kind of soil do you recommend?

Generally a specific blend of grower's soil is best. We carry several varieties you can find here.

Where can I grow using Hydroponics?

Anywhere! Indoors, greenhouses, or outside gardens. Any plant can be grown with hydroponics & a basic light source.

How does the taste compare when grown with Hydroponics?

Since Hydroponics provides essential nutrients immediately during the growing season, the taste & nutritional value of Hydroponic produce often exceeds that of common varieties.

Should I be concerned with water quality?

Before beginning, contact your water supplier to provide an analysis of your water supply. You will need to determine if your water is hard, or contains too much calcium, magnesium, or salt. If your supply is hard, we recommend using FloraMicro Hardwater.